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Since 1957 Trinchero has been producing and selling high quality products used for refurnishing cars, yachts and furnishings.

Trinchero initially started in the automotive sector, specializing in this field, has made it the reference point for who refurnishes automobiles for both historic and modern Italian cars.

Trinchero is made up of a team that is dedicated to specific requests which enables them to procure synthetic leather, viple, fabric, leather and carpets offering a tailor made service.

In the field of renewable energy, Trinchero is 'cutting edge' thanks to its use of the latest range of the photovoltaic system with an output of 190 kW.

Clean energy, safe and respecting the environment.


Os Serviços

Nós fazemos tudo por si

Acompanhamos o seu projeto desde o momento em que o começa a sonhar. A nossa experiência fala por nós. Conhecemos o seu Alfa Romeo. Temos todas as peças necessárias ao seu restauro. Temos as ferramentas próprias para reparar o seu carro.

Os nossos serviços incluem:

Alfa Clássicos - João Machado Clássiocos, Lda
é uma empresa aderente a: